Clothes Hanger

Clothes Hanger play a major role not only in our homes but in our businesses too, at the time of selecting merchandise displays.

When paired with the best clothing racks that could showcase the beauty and features of your products, clothes hangers are the best tool for inventory management and item promotion.

When it comes to select a hanger for your home or business, the decision boils down to the type of garment you have in mind to hang and how much space you have in your store or closet. 

In our selection, we make sure that we combine fashion and style. Our hangers are not only heavy-duty, but they are also stylish to suit the atmosphere of your store.     


Different Kinds of Hangers Stores Should Know About

Plastic Hangers
Metal Hangers in a store
Wooden Hangers

One of the biggest challenges in owning a retail store for clothes is finding the best hangers and hangers accessories to suit your products. Regardless, you must know the type of hanger necessary to showcase the beauty of your items.

More and more store owners lean towards the use of gridwall displays to showcase the function of products successfully. These fixtures are lightweight and portable. You can move them around in case you need to change the ambiance in your store. They fit sidewalk sales and merchandising well, for they are space-saving.

In the market of store supplies, you’d find many types of hangers like metal, plastic, padded, and wooden. So, it would be best to know what’s right for you and your business.

If your business is selling clothes, there indeed is a good amount of hangers in your rails. How are they serving your promotion and merchandise? The idea is to optimize the presentation of your products, and this will only happen with the right tools.

So, what are the different kinds of hangers you should consider for your store?

  • Metal or wire Hangers - Metal hangers are the strong type you should have if your store displays pants, coats, and other heavy garments. They are not visually appealing, but they perform their function. It’s in the way you showcase them that makes a difference!
  • Plastic Hangers - There are many reservations about this type of hanger, and we get the reason why. While they are strong, they have their limitations. Hence, if you want to invest, it would be safer to go for metal and wire hangers. Still, these hangers are functional, especially if you are trying to achieve a particular look for your store.
  • Wooden Hangers - Wooden hangers are the best for stores in a nomadic style. They are not just sturdy; they will also symmetrically arrange your clothes. There are stores in which the condition of the items is essential. They have to be hung smoothly without any wrinkles and creases. If that’s the case, wooden hangers would be the best option.
  • Velvet Hangers - These hangers are made with a plastic interiors and wrapped in velvet, making them soft and accommodating of a variety of types of clothing. They don't take up a lot of closet space and the velvet has a remarkable non-slip quality, which can keep delicate blouses, silk dresses, ironed shirts, and other vital articles from coming off and ending up on the floor.
  • Hangers Accessories - We understand that generic hangers don’t work for all stores because of customization. Or you might have special shelving units and articles. This is the purpose of our hanger accessories. You can include a hanger retriever, size dividers, and a multipurpose swivel to address the unique needs of your store’s closet.
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