Once you know more about the types of hooks on the market, you may want to consider which one is the most suitable for your needs?

The Standard are the classic option to start putting together the style of the merchandise displays of your store or closet. Among our selection of Standard Metal or wire hangers you can find Loop Hook and Regular Hook. To pick the very best hangers for your merchandise, you are well-advised to consider the garment weight they must support, and some other factors.

Loop Hook: can be used to hang entire clothing outfits and sell the entire look. This wire Hanger is  ideal for retail stores, trade-shows, traveling salespeople, showrooms or home Because when using it with our Diaper Pin Rod you can hold multiple hangers tightly together in a garment bag and travel safely with them.

Regular Hook:  This is the classic model of metal or wire hanger, a simple option where you can hang multiple types of clothes for a more minimalist vision of your wardrobe, store or showroom.

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