Hanging baskets are must-have storage accessories.

Baskets will be perfectly paired with the slat wall panels and other storage accessories you select. The baskets are designed to fit securely into the slat wall panel attached to the wall.

Add Hanging baskets to your list of must-haves slatwall accessories if you want goods that are difficult to hang to be a little more secure when they're kept.With this storage tool, These hanging accessories are great for storing spray cans, auto cleaning supplies, paint cans, and more.

  • 12″ x 12" x 4" Wide Basket for Storage

    12″ x 12" x 4" Wide Basket for Storage

    All purpose wire storage baske  with practical sloping front that enables self-service for customers and is simple and easy staff replenishment.   Additional Information: Fits onto Gridwall, Slatwall and Pegboard. 12″W x 4″H x...
    $6.72 - $37.20
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  • 24″ x 12" x 4" Large Baskets for Storage 24″ x 12" x 4" Large Baskets for Storage

    24″ x 12" x 4" Large Baskets for Storage

    This metal basket can be used with all of the panels in your shop. With a Semi-Gloss Black Epoxy Finish is an excellent choice For stores selling small or packaged goods like hardware, jewelry, craft and art materials, and over-the-counter medications...
    $14.40 - $82.80
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  • 12″ x 6" x 6" Narrow Baskets for Storage 12″ x 6" x 6" Narrow Baskets for Storage

    12″ x 6" x 6" Narrow Baskets for Storage

    This Wire Metal Basket can be used with all the panels in your store. With a little imagination this multipurpose basket can be the key to creating a lot of display in many styles using it with your Gridwall Panel, Slatwall Panel and...
    $7.52 - $48.00
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  • 12″ Wire Baskets for Storage 12″ Wire Baskets for Storage

    12″ x 12" x 8" Wire Baskets for Storage

     Multi-purpose coated wire storage basket accepts light to medium weight merchandise either loose or in packages. Our universal baskets work Grid panels, Slatwall panels, and Pegboard panels. Additional information: Fits onto Gridwall, Slatwall...
    $10.20 - $54.00
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Choose from the best accessory options.

When installing your slatwall panel you have multiple accessory options to choose from like shelves, sign holders, and Waterfalls, you can use any of these depending on your storage needs and the general look you want to give your space.

On their side, the wire baskets are an excellent storage choice for items that are regularly used and you want to have them within easy reach without having to think much about where to put them, baskets are ideal for storing sporting goods, tools, and even that extra roll of tape. Also, don't forget your dirty boots and shoes.

These Slatwall baskets are easy to adapt to the aesthetic you want to create whether you use them in a store or in a garage, you can have the paint ready if you want to change it to different colors for a white Slatwall or a black one to get a cohesive clean look that is necessary for a certain retail store.

Start organizing your spaces at home or your store using these baskets!

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