Clothing Racks

From a heavy-duty, collapsible clothing rack that's a staple salespeople's companion to a durable Z - black clothing rack that could pass as a stockroom hanger or a display stand - we've got you covered! We have a versatile selection that only requires a minimum to no assembly at all.

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    A gleaming chrome-plated clothing rack extended to its full height, reflecting its strong build and versatile design suitable for both home and commercial spaces Displays 101 Collapsible Clothing Rolling Rack - Round Tubing

    Collapsible Heavy-Duty Round Tubing Rack

    Heavy-Duty Collapsible Clothing Rolling Rack: Commercial Grade with Home Suitability Discover the perfect blend of strength and versatility with our industrial-grade clothing racks, designed not just for trade events, marketplaces, swap meets, and...
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    Now: $67.99
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  • Displays 101 Z Rack Heavy Duty Knockdown Base on Wheels Displays 101 Z Rack Heavy Duty Knockdown Base on Wheels

    Z Rack Heavy Duty Knockdown Base on Wheels

    Industrial Heavy Duty Rolling Z Rack  This rolling clothing rack is a perfect addition to showrooms, warehouses, boutiques, or anywhere that require clothing display and organization.  The Z-shaped base comes in 4 parts that bolt together and...
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  • Displays 101 Spiral Clothing Rack

    Spiral Clothing Rack

    Either you have a store, sell clothing on ebay or other market place, go to trade shows or just want to organize your clothing, this rack will be useful for you because its shape allows you to display clothing, purses, or other items at different levels...
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  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Double Rack

    Heavy Duty Adjustable Double Rack

    Ideal for storage room, its V brace provides extra support to hold coats, dresses, jackets as well as light weight items. Hangrails are adjustable at different levels, which allows you to keep them at the same or different heights. This rack is 60"...
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  • Adjustable Double Clothing Rack

    Double Rail Clothes Rack

    Use this double hangrail rack or double bar clothing rack, either at your showroom or back warehouse to display and categorize shirts, coats or even dresses for easy access to your customers or associates. The hangrail height adjusts at each 3"...
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  • Displays 101 Single Hangrail Rolling Rack Displays 101 Single Hangrail Rolling Rack

    Single Hangrail Rolling Rack

    Sturdy Clothing Garment Rack for stores or home. Looks sleek and fits in a small place but holding approx 70 hangers. Heavy Duty - Commercial and Industrial grade Made of 1" square tube with 1 1/4" round hang rail Adjustable height...
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  • Displays 101 Z Rack - Black Base Displays 101 Z Rack - Black Base

    Z Rack - Black Base

    This clothing Z-RACK is sturdy enough for the stockroom and nice for the selling floor use.69" high, 60" long, 22" wide base.Black Z-Base allows nesting of racks.Chrome uprights and hangrail made of 1-1/4" round tubing.4" industrial casters (non-locking)...
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Industrial Clothing Racks Purpose

Gridwall T-shirt Display 13
Slatwall T-Shirt Display 11.5
Slatwall T-Shirt Display 11.5

Anybody who owns a boutique or clothing store has to realize the purpose of getting sturdy and fashionable industrial clothing racks in their business.

Industrial clothing racks have come a long way. They are commonly present as retail fixtures and even occasional home clothing displays. But, with the advent of online e-commerce and selling, where product presentation is crucial to attracting customers, securing the best clothes rack for your store is essential.

Easy Storage

These commercial clothing racks are heavy-duty, adjustable, and portable. They also come in pre-assembled, ready-to-use forms, which would free you more time in the set-up process. The convenience they provide would allow you to store your products easily.

Good Impression

Our industrial clothing racks would make an excellent impression on buyers checking your items. You are unlikely to highlight the features of the garments you sell in a simple laundry room clothes rack, for they serve a different purpose.

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