Metal Hangers

A very important but usually ignore aspect when selecting merchandise displays are hangers. In our store we have metal or wire hangers for every type of clothing, just choose the one that suits your needs and happy displays.

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Choose the right clothing hanger

They are an important aspect for the proper presentation of your store that has a huge impact on the minds of the buyers. When it comes to buying a hanger, the decision boils down to the type of garment you have in mind to hang and how much space you have in your store or closet. Metal or wire hangers are a great deal in terms of quality. Heavier metal hangers won’t bend or sag and are a good option for stores that want to display a classic, elegant, or minimalist style.

Among our selection, we have the following types:

  • Combination: hangers are better for hanging pants and skirts because they are strong enough to hold heavy garments or more than one garment.
  • Lingerie: hangers are perfect for lighter and more delicate clothes. They have different shapes, perfect for displaying underwear and swimsuits.
  • Standard: It is a simple choice a safe decision that can be used for all kinds of garments such as shirts and dresses, you can never go wrong choosing this classic option and if you don't have to hang a very specific type of clothing, this is a great option.

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