Sturdy Metal Base And Pole For Mannequins

Great to turn your hanging hollow back mannequin form into a counter-top mannequin. It works with our toddler, infant, male torsos and blouse mannequin forms.

Note: For other forms as female, child or others be sure before purchasing that your hanging form has the hole in the bottom and the length of the form is not more than 32" in order to keep at least 4" from base.

*Mannequins must have a hole in the bottom to fit a 5/8 pole

Expandable Pole

The pole expands from 19" to 36" height.

Sturdy Base

The 8 inches round base is made out of quality and resistant metal.

Clean Displays

The pole goes through the back of the mannequin, insuring you will have a clean and stylish display of your mannequin.

For Countertop Displays

Intended use only for countertop and tabletop displays.

For EZ-Mannequins

Works with all EZ-Mannequins that have a hole in the bottom to fit a 5/8 pole.

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