Find the right mannequin for any space, from shops to online stores. Pick from full body, countertop, and hanging forms to show off your clothes.

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Discover the Perfect Mannequin for Your Displays

Online shops and real stores both need to look good. At events like trade fairs and exhibitions, having the right mannequin helps show off your clothes. Even as fashion changes, a good mannequin always makes clothes look their best.

full body mannequins

Are you selling at a marketplace, trade event, swap meet, or online? Our mannequins will highlight your clothes. Want to show a full outfit? Use our full-body mannequins. Short on space? Our countertop mannequins and torsos are perfect. They're good for all types of shows.

children mannequins

Selling clothes for kids? Our children mannequins are just right. We have male and female mannequins in colors like black, white, and flesh. These colors make each clothing piece pop.

countertop mannequins ideal for tradeshows

Planning for a trade fair or an expo? Our mannequins will make sure your clothes grab all the attention.

mannequin torsos for countertop displays


What types of mannequins do you offer?

We offer a variety of mannequins, including full-body mannequins, male and female torsos, children's mannequins, countertop models, and hanging forms.


Do you have mannequins that can display a whole outfit?

Yes, our full-body mannequins, both male and female, are perfect for showcasing complete ensembles.


I have limited space. What kind of mannequin should I go for?

If space is a constraint, our countertop mannequins, torso models, and hanging mannequins (designed to hang from racks, canopies, or walls) are ideal for you.


Can I transform a hanging mannequin into a countertop one?

Absolutely! We offer a unique stand that can convert your hanging mannequin into a countertop display.


Where can I buy your mannequins?

You can buy our mannequins online in main marketplaces like Amazon or eBay under the EZ-Mannequins brand, or directly from our website. For more information, call us at 714-5680580.


Do you sell children's mannequins?

Yes, we have child and toddler mannequins, perfect for displaying kid's clothing.


What colors do your mannequins come in?

Our mannequins are available in colors such as black, white, and flesh tones to enhance the display of clothes.


Are there mannequins available for both male and female clothing?

Certainly! We have both male and female mannequins, from full bodies to torsos, tailored for diverse clothing styles.


What mannequin-related items do you sell apart from the mannequins themselves?

We provide various mannequin items, including base parts and hangers.


How do I set up the mannequin stand?

Setting up the mannequin stand is simple, and instructions are provided. If you need more assistance, our team is here to help.

For faster service, please preorder will-call pickups on our website and arrive after we confirm your order is ready.