Hangrails For Slatwalls

These slatwall accessories are essential for stylishly displaying your products on slatwall panels. They provide a sturdy and reliable way to keep your items organized and displayed neatly in your retail store. These hangrails are great for clothing hangers, ornaments, accessories, and more!

Two Types Of Hangrail Displays

Hangrail w/ Incorporated Brackets

slatwall hangrails with incorporated brackets

Some gridwall hangrails already come with an incorporated bracket.


These hangrails usually come in different shapes, such as U-shaped hangrail with rectangle tubing, and U-shaped hangrail with rounded tubing


And since they come all set, all you need to do is choose a place in your gridwall, set the hangrail, and start hanging clothing, ornaments, or accessories.


These hangrails don't come in different sizes, so you can only choose them if they suit your space requirements for displays.

Hangrail Without Incorporated Brackets

hangrail tubings in black and chrome

These type of straight rectangular shaped hangrails need brackets to be able to hold to the gridwall panel.


The hangrails come in black and chrome. You will also find them in different sizes, so you can choose the one that better suits your display needs.


These hangrails have accessories you can add to give the hangrail a more glamorous finish and to prevent your clothing from falling to the floor.


For a better understanding let's check the steps to set this kind of hangrail.

Steps To Set a Hangrail Without Incoporated Brackets

Step 1: You need a slatwall panel

slatwall panel unit

Before any other steps, you are going to need a slatwall panel.


It can be a slat panel you attach to the wall, or even portable slat panels.


Always make sure to measure the size of your slatwall panel before purchasing the rest of the elements such as the brackets, hangrail, and end caps. So you can make sure the lenght of the hangrail will fit your panel.


You will probably be able to add more than one slatwall accessory to your slat panel so taking the measures is ideal before making any purchase decisions.

Step 2: Set the hangrail brackets on the panel

attaching a hangrail bracket to a slatwall panel unit

To hang your hangrail you are going to need 2 brackets since the hangrail is held from the extremes.


You will also need to pay attention to the shape of your bracket, you can get brackets for rectangular hangrail tubings, or round hangrail tubings.


Another recommendation is to always check that the size of the bracket fits your hangrail before it or viceversa. You'll want to make sure everything fits perfectly.


So set your two brackets where you want to put your hangrail and let's go to the next step.

Step 3: Set the hangrail on the brackets

putting a hangrail tubing on a slatwall hangrail bracket

Congrats, you've reached the easiest part!


All you need to do is grab your hangrail, and put in on the brackets. You will see that there is a part where the hangrails fit perfectly.


This is where you can make any small position adjustments if you want to, always keeping in mind that is important to leave a small portion of the hangrail outside the bracket.

Step 4: Add end caps to protect and improve your displays

adding end caps to the hangrail tubing

We can't think of a better accessory than this one right here!


You will be able to keep merchandise centered and off the floor with these metal end caps.


They also provide the finished glamorous look your customers will love.

Step 5: Start adding hangers on the hangrail and enjoy

clothing hangers on a hangrail tubing displaying clothing

You've reached the final step and by now, you have an amazing display setting for your clothing, ornaments, and accessories!


The amount of garment that fits into your sturdy hangrail display will depend on the size of the hangrail you choose.


You can sit down and enjoy the display you've created. 

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