Metal Shelves

Our grid shelves are perfect for displaying anything from tools in your garage to clothing in your boutique. Metal shelves are a great option for those who want maximum versatility. These gridwall shelves can be used with our gridwall panels (sold separately) to create a custom display that's perfect for any space. 

The Ideal Gridwall Metal Shelves Are Here

For Gridwall Panels

gridwall panel

If you are using gridwall panels in your store or warehouse, then these metal shelves are the perfect accessory for you!


The shelves are made out of high-quality metal and you can find them in black, chrome, or white, so you can choose the best option to style your displays!


Our sturdy metal floating shelves work with all gridwall panels and they are very easy to set and start using.


And since gridwalls are extremely versatile, you can create your own personalized apparel displays!

Versatile Storage And Displays

gridwall metal shelves set on a gridwall unit displaying tshirts

Is there anything more versatile than a metal shelf?


Metal floating shelves create a neat space to display and store your belongings. And they are built to be strong and durable.


These shelves work with all grid wall panels, and they can be the perfect addition to almost any place you could think of!


Use metal shelves to organize spices at your pantry, to store tools at your garage, to display apparel and bags at your store, to display plants at your backyard, and so much more!

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