Hanging Mannequins

Hanging Mannequin Torsos: The essential, lightweight choice for dynamic displays. Perfect for clothing stores, fairs, pop-ups, and swap meets, these torsos bring out the best in your apparel and accessories. Choose our torsos for an effortless and effective showcase.

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Hanging Mannequin Torsos:

The Lightweight Choice for Elevated Exhibits

hanging mannequins by ez mannequins

In search of efficient and cost-effective solutions for your pop-ups, swap meets, fairs, or retail displays?


Meet our range of hanging mannequin torsos, the go-to choice for pragmatic sellers everywhere!


Here's why they're a must-have:

1. Simplicity and Optimal Placement: Crafted for hanging, these torsos seamlessly fit onto rods, bars, nails, swap meet tents, racks, or gridwall panels. Ideal for presenting everything from shirts and tees to jewelry and swimwear. Their matte finish, available in black, white, or natural flesh tone, ensures your products always photograph beautifully.

2. Economical Elegance: Despite being budget-friendly, these torsos don't skimp on functionality. Showcase the allure of muscle tees on our male torsos or highlight the beauty of jewelry on our female ones.

3. Lightweight & User-friendly: Perfect for events like trade shows or fairs, our torsos are not just lightweight but also incredibly easy to assemble and dismantle. And when you're done? They stack effortlessly, promising hassle-free storage and transport.

4. Beyond Just Apparel: These torsos are versatile. Imagine the detailed designs of jewelry on our female torsos or the strong appeal of muscle tees on the male. Catering to a younger audience? Our range also includes child and toddler mannequins.

5. Diverse Display Solutions: Explore our curated packs, combining both female and male torsos. They're designed to provide a cohesive and effective display narrative across any setting.

To enhance their utility, each mannequin torso comes equipped with a double hook for versatile hanging options. And as a bonus, an adjusting clip is included, helping you perfect the fit of displayed outfits.

Step up your display strategy with our hanging mannequin torsos. Perfectly blending efficiency, affordability, and utility, they're dependable allies for every seller, no matter the venue.

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