Gridwall Panels

Do you want to organize your items while displaying them all at the same time? Our gridwall panels are definitely what you need! Using a gridwall display is the most effective and affordable solution that helps you maximize your storage area and showcase your extra inventory.

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Combine With Some Gridwall Display Accessories

So, you're thinking about setting up gridwalls in your store? Great choice! Let's talk about some must-have accessories to really bring out the best in your gridwalls:

  • Waterfalls - These aren't just pretty to look at. They're perfect for hanging merchandise so everything's easy for your customers to see.
  • Faceouts - With their handy arms, faceouts let you show off your items in style - and they're super affordable too.
  • Shelves - Want to get creative with your store layout? Shelves on gridwalls can be arranged in tons of different ways. Plus, they're great for showing off a variety of items.
  • Baskets - Don't overlook baskets for your gridwall displays. They come in all shapes and sizes - front, narrow, shallow, you name it - ideal for stocking up your items.
  • Hooks - Need to hang stuff? Hooks are your go-to. They're tough, durable, and a breeze to set up on your gridwall.

Explore our range of gridwall accessories and find the perfect match for your business. Add these to your store's layout and watch the transformation!

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Our central location isn't just convenient - it also means you save on shipping for those bigger items. And let's not forget, less time on the road equals less risk of those pesky transit damages. Whether you're over in Imperial, Inyo, San Diego, or even Ventura, we've got your back.

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