Gridwall Panels

Are you looking for a way to conserve space in your store?

Do you want to organize your items while displaying them all at the same time? Our gridwall panels are definitely what you need! Using a gridwall display is the most effective and affordable solution that helps you maximize your storage area and showcase your extra inventory.

Rent prices are high. Store owners have to be strategic in optimizing their room and achieve cross merchandising, and our gridwall fixtures could be the answer. We have various gridwall supplies like grid wall displays, waterfalls, baskets, shelves, sign holders, acrylic displays, ball holders, and more; you could choose from depending upon what your retail needs.

Gridwall panels and supplies carry many benefits for business owners. They are not only for displaying your products. They can also put a structure in your catalogue that allows you to arrange your items more effectively.

Improve the Display of Your Store with Gridwall Panels

Gridwall Display in a store
Grid Display in a store
Gridwall Display

Beautiful and organized retail displays are necessary to entice your new and loyal customers. They should effortlessly match the existing colors, patterns, and motifs of your store. There are various means to do this, and using gridwall panels is an excellent way to begin.

More and more store owners lean towards the use of gridwall displays to showcase the function of products successfully. These fixtures are lightweight and portable. You can move them around in case you need to change the ambiance in your store. They fit sidewalk sales and merchandising well, for they are space-saving.

How to choose the best gridwall panels

If you have begun hunting for the best gridwall fixtures for your business to be able to have the best and most effective retail displays, there are certain factors you should consider before making that big purchase. Take note of the following:

Inventory levels

ven before you check out gridwall supplies, you must be realistic about your needs. Have you decided what to hook on them? It would help to calculate the number of items you plan to put on display. It would be best to specify their dimensions as they could affect the gridwall hooks you’d get alongside these fixtures for your product displays.


Somehow connected with the first tip, you must identify the purpose of the gridwall fixtures you intend to secure for your retail. For example, if you’re selling clothes, them the sloping arms would be fitting.

The wire baskets, on the other hand, would suit smaller items. Gridwall hooks are appropriate for any products other than garments. Establishing your purpose is crucial.


The weight of the products you plan to hang is also a factor that would lead to your choice. We assemble these gridwall panels with wire. These panels will be able to support products of different weights, but it should be within the capacity of the gridwall fixtures. Among the items that businesses hang are footwear, electronics, clothes, and many more.


The look of the gridwall is also a top factor you shouldn’t miss for your retail store layout. For sure, you have an ambiance and look to the store displays that you want to maintain. With our gridwall fixtures, you have plenty of variants to pick from - mini-grid, shelves, baskets, hooks, and more. To be able to improve the front of the store and window displays to ensure an increase in sales.


The good thing about gridwall panels is that you can position them as you please. The best way to organize Gridwall Display panels is to place them strategically to maximize their functions. Put them in a place that your customers will quickly notice. You can also attach legs to achieve a floor display that would add a flair to your presentation.


Mount these gridwall displays in a place where your customers could see them right away. You can make a layout in which you’d still be able to see what your clients do in your store to avoid shoplifting, also to ensure the best experience with the merchandising strategy and customer behavior. We build these fixtures in a see-through structure, hence, they’d only hold a little space in your area while doing its function.

These are some of the factors you should look into when getting gridwalls for your store. Here at The Competitive Store, we make sure to consider these vital points when making our products. Check our catalogue of gridwall displays!

Different Types of Gridwall Display Accessories

In case you finally decide to install gridwalls for your business, these are the accessories you should incorporate them with:

  • Waterfalls - Waterfalls are the fixtures you need if you have to hang your merchandise to give your customers a clear view.
  • Faceouts - Faceouts have arms that enable you to easily display your items without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Shelves - Shelves are flexible gridwalls that you could fix depending on the design that you want to achieve for your store. They can hold many items and provide a broader view.
  • Baskets - Complete your gridwall displays with baskets. These supplies are available for different uses. You can stock your items here, for they differ in front, narrow, shallow, and slope design.
  • Hooks - Hooks are the best for the products you need to hang in your store. These are durable and strong. They are simple to set up and use. These gridwall hooks are flexible that others choose to include them in their home to organize their belongings.
  • Racks - Racks ar are flexible, that you can use them for various purposes. They are not only for clothes, but they can also work for computer accessories, bags, artwork, and a lot more. These displays are valuable for homes too.

These are some of the features and functions of gridwalls. Check out our collection of these and get the best for your business! Please include them in your store layout and see the difference they make!

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