Gridwall Panels

Do you want to organize your items while displaying them all at the same time? Our gridwall panels are definitely what you need! Using a gridwall display is the most effective and affordable solution that helps you maximize your storage area and showcase your extra inventory.

Combine With Some Gridwall Display Accessories

In case you finally decide to install gridwalls for your business, these are the accessories you should incorporate them with:

  • Waterfalls - Waterfalls are the fixtures you need if you have to hang your merchandise to give your customers a clear view.
  • Faceouts - Faceouts have arms that enable you to easily display your items without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Shelves - Shelves can be arranged on the gridwalls in different ways depending on the design that you want to achieve for your store. They can hold many items and provide a broader view.
  • Baskets - Complete your gridwall displays with baskets. These supplies are available for different uses. You can stock your items here, for they differ in front, narrow, shallow, and slope design.
  • Hooks - Hooks are the best for the products you need to hang in your store. These are durable and strong. They are simple to set up on your gridwall panel up.

These are some of the features and functions of gridwalls. Check out our collection of these and get the best for your business! Please include them in your store layout and see the difference they make!

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