Our Gridwall Shelves display allows you to customize your system in a many ways, with a variety of designs and sizes to meet almost every merchandising need.

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When To Pick Bullnose, Glass, Or Metal?

If we're going to be completely honest about this, there's no correct or wrong answer! You can make a metal shelf shine in elegant decor, or a glass shelf absolutely handy in your garage storage room. It all depends on your style and creativity. 

But let's give you some ideas about how and when to use these shelves...

Bullnose Plastic Shelves

bullnose shelves made out of recycled plastic  displaying apparel on a slatwall panel

As you may have read it, these shelves works with gridwall, slatwall, or slotted standard brackets. 


Their rounded edge feature gives them all the touch you need to make your displays look smooth and stylish. These shelves are strong, lightweight, and they come in black, white, and almond. 


Use these plastic shelves to display apparel at your boutique, to store spices at your pantry, to organize the tools in your garage, or to store your folders in your office.

The best part is, these are made of recycled plastic, and their color is impregnated throughout so they can not chip!

Glass Shelves

tempered glass shelves of 3/16 inches thick are holding items on a slotted panel

Our tempered glass shelves are just ideal to add sophistication and style to your spaces. 


Their polished rounded edge feature gives them all the touch you need to make your displays look smooth and stylish.


These shelves are 3/16 inches thick, so they are designed to be strong and durable.


Use them in your living room to display your fave decor, in your bathroom to organize your skincare essentials, at your store to showcase the new brand star, or at your office to display your favorite pictures!  

Metal Shelves

gridwall metal floating shelves on a gridwall unit, built to be strong and durable

Is there anything more versatile than a metal shelf?


Metal floating shelves create a neat space to display and store your belongings. And they are built to be strong and durable.


These shelves work with all grid wall panels, and they can be the perfect addition to almost any place you could think of!


Use metal shelves to organize spices at your pantry, to store tools at your garage, to display apparel and bags at your store, to display plants at your backyard, and so much more!

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