These wire baskets are perfect for retail stores, warehouse organization, gridwall-equipped garages and pantries, trade exhibitions, and fairs. If you are employing gridwall panels, you can put them to use for storing items, displaying items, or organizing your space.

Wire baskets for organizing, storage, and display

If you have a gridwall panel, then this accessory is a must!

Wire baskets are a great storage option for items that you use frequently and want to have close at hand without having to think about where to store them. Baskets are ideal for storing sporting goods, tools, and even that extra roll of tape.

Let's find out all the uses we can give to a wire basket...

Great for food storage

square metal grid basket for gridwall panel mounting holding cans

Do you have a gridwall panel installed on your pantry, kitchen, or food store? Then the wire basket is your new best friend!

Use them to keep your snacks at hand reach, and all your cans neatly organized. 

You can get different sizes of baskets depending on what you want to store, for example, the narrow baskets are perfect for small snacks like chocolates, while the large basket is amazing for cans and small food boxes.

Ideal garage accessory

square metal grid basket with slopping front for gridwall panel mounting holding tools

We all know how messy a garage can be, but with a gridwall installed and the wire baskets set, this shouldn't be a problem at all!

Use the baskets to keep your tools organized, stored, and most importantly - at eye sight. Don't stress anymore because you can't find the tapes, you already know you left them on the front sloping baskets!

Baskets come in different sizes and shapes so you can get the one that suits your needs.

Perfect for the office too

rectangular grid basket holding envelopes on a gridwall panel

If your office has a gridwall, it should also have wire baskets! 

No more "where did I leave the envelopes?", use the baskets to keep everything in place and your desk organized.

The narrow baskets are just perfect for small items, and the large square baskets are ideal for bigger items such as folders. 

Amazing POP displays

square metal grid basket with POP signage on a gridwall panel

Yes,  this amazing wire baskets also fit perfectly POP accessories so you can easily include tags to your displays.

You can choose to add your POP accessories from any upper part from the baskets so you can catch your customer's attention in a matter of seconds.

If you have a major discount and want to boost your sales, or you want to display product specifications, the wire baskets are your new best friends!

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