Your display possibilities are endless with these extremely versatile metal hooks! Grab smaller hooks for hanging paintings, accessories, or a single clothing hanger. Or choose longer hooks for stacking a large amount of items or displaying a bigger item on your gridwall panel.

A Hook For Every Hanging Display

For Gridwall Panels

black gridwall panels are ideal to display items using grid hooks

If you are using gridwall panels in your store, warehouse, or home, then these metal hooks are the perfect accessory for you!


The gridwall hooks are made out of high-quality metal and come in different colors, so you can choose the best option to style your displays!


Our hooks work with all gridwall panels and they are very easy to set and start using.


And since gridwalls are extremely versatile, you can create your own personalized  displays!

Small Hooks

small hooks for small items displays

The name says it all! Small hooks are best with fewer item displays. 


But let's get into real recommendations, if you are looking for picture hooks so you can display light paintings and photographs, you might want to check our utility hooks.

If on the other hand, you are looking to display just a one-star product, for example, a necklace, hair tie, or any other item, probably the best for you would be the 1" Hooks.

But if your products are necklaces, caps, ornaments, or even if you want to stack more than one small accessory together, you can go with longer hooks, such as the 1" Hooks or the 2" Hooks.

Long Hooks

long gridwall hooks are ideal to display multiple accessories

Our long utility hooks are the perfect option for larger displays. You have 4 different sizes to pick from and it all just depends on what you have in mind for your displays.


All of these metal grid wall hooks are great for multiple displays, such as accessories, jewelry, hats, ornaments, or decor. 

By stacking your smaller products together you will upgrade your organization and reduce the clutter around your store.  Meaning that you will have so much more free space to increase your display opportunities.


Choose between the 6" Hooks, the 8" Hooks, the 10" Hooks, or the largest 12" Hooks.

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