Book Stands

Bookstands and easel stands can be used to hold cookbooks in chef's kitchens, the exhibit featured books in libraries and bookstores, to advertise parts catalogs in home improvement and car parts businesses, and to keep reference materials in warehouses and production facilities, and much more.

How do book collectors store, display, and place books?

There are a few different ways book collectors store, display, and place books. One popular way is to use an acrylic book easel or acrylic book stand. Acrylic book stands are clear, so they won't distract from the books on display. They're also sturdy, so you don't have to worry about them toppling over. Acrylic magazine stands are another option for displaying books.

These acrylic display stands are taller than book stands, so they're perfect for displaying hardcover books or large collections. Lastly, some collectors simply stack their books on quality acrylic shelves. This is a great way to maximize space and keep your collection organized. However, it's important to use caution when stacking books, as they can easily topple over if not properly supported.

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