Ball Holders

Looking for an organized way to display your sports balls?

Check out our selection of ball holders! These handy items allow you to neatly hang basket balls, soccer balls, and more on a grid wall panel or grid wall merchandiser.

This is the perfect way to keep your space tidy and make sure all your balls are within easy reach. With our ball holders, you'll always be ready for game time!

  • Displays 101 6" Ball Holders For Gridwall  Displays 101 6" Ball Holders For Gridwall

    6" Ball Holders For Gridwall

    Basketball Holder Or Football Holder?  Both! If you have a gridwall panel installed, then check out our sturdy and versatile ball holders!   We know how hard it can be to display balls when you own a sports store, and that's why we...
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Effective Ball Displays For Your Store And Home

For Gridwall Panels

If you are using gridwall panels in your store or garage, then these ball holders are the perfect accessory for you!

The holders are made out of high-quality chrome and they work with all gridwall panels. On top of this, they are very easy to set and start using.

And since gridwalls are extremely versatile, you can create your own personalized ball displays!

Sports Balls Displayed At Hand Reach

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The most difficult task in a retail business is selecting how to organize items in a way that is appealing to customers, convenient to reach, and accommodating to store staff.

In a sports store, Grid Panels are an excellent way to show balls and create a ball display. Ball holders are used to keep soccer balls in place on the gridwall.

This ball holder can take the entire weight of larger balls like basketballs, volleyballs, and footballs to keep them securely in place.

These holders can be installed at various heights to create an eye-catching display that will ensure that the item is noticed.

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