Acrylic Boxes & Display Cubes

Our fully assembled, commercial-grade acrylic products are perfect for showcasing your treasures. Choose between two thickness options: 1/8" for a standard, lightweight display, or 3/16" for a more robust, stable option. Ideal for both home and commercial environments.

acrylic boxes displaying several items such as collectibles, perfumes, pencils, and a ballot box containing money

Welcome to our collection of acrylic cubes and boxes!

Acrylic Display Solutions

Explore our range of acrylic display boxes and cubes, perfect for showcasing collectibles, jewelry, art pieces, and more. Available in two thicknesses:

Select Your Perfect Thickness

  • 1/8" (0.125 inches): Lightweight and modern, ideal for delicate items.
  • 3/16" (0.1875 inches): Strong and stable, perfect for heavier items or high-traffic areas.

Versatile Uses for Every Occasion

  • Collectibles Display: Highlight action figures or small figurines with clarity.
  • Jewelry Showcase: Perfect for necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry.
  • Terrarium: Create mini gardens with small plants or air plants.
  • Memorable Mementos: Keep souvenirs and sentimental items safe and visible.
  • Artistic Showcase: Display unique art pieces and mini sculptures.
  • Luxury Fragrance Display: Show off your perfume collection elegantly.
  • Product Samples: Offer small product samples in an attractive display.
  • Gemstones: Let your gemstone collection shine through.
  • Miniature Display for Hobbies: Ideal for model cars, airplanes, or landscapes.
  • Party Centerpieces: Fill with flowers, candles, or decorations for stunning centerpieces.

Built for Commercial Use

Our acrylic products are commercial-grade, ensuring they won't yellow over time and remain durable and clear. Unlike many products from competitors or bigger marketplaces that come unassembled and can fall apart easily, our boxes and cubes are completely assembled assembled in-house, which ensure sturdiness and ease of use.

Choose the perfect acrylic solution for your display and organizational needs. We offer a variety of other acrylic products, including large boxes, small cubes, and lockable boxes, ensuring you find exactly what you need.

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