Standing gridwall displays

Standing gridwall displays

Posted by The Competitive Store on Mar 21, 2023

Increase product visibility. Use innovative gridwall displays.

Our customers always ask us for tips to create the most appealing displays to increase their product visibility, so today we want to share with you some ideas to create successful standing gridwall displays.

There is more than one accessory you can get if you have limited display space in your store or even at an outdoor craft fair. 

But which are the top 4 accessories to create gridwall standing displays?

Gridwall T-Legs


T-legs are easy to assemble to grid wall and slat grid panels.

T-legs, also known as T-base are a great accessory when it comes to creating free-standing displays. The T legs are very easy to attach to the grid panel and it will allow you to showcase a two-sided display, this is ideal to increase the chances of your product being seen.

T-legs work with any 2' wide grid wall or slat grid panel. You will need one pair of legs to stand one panel.

What are their most valuable features?

  • Easy to assemble
  • They are portable and easy to transport
  • Work for indoor and outdoor displays (most of our customers use them on craft shows)
  • Creates a 2-sided display
  • Work with grid and slat grid panels

Gridwall 3 Way Triangle Dolly Base

Create appealing 3-sided moveable displays with a triangle base.

Having a triangle base will allow you to create a three-sided moveable display. This accessory is a favorite for retail store owners and trade exhibitioners.

Before you consider getting this base, you should make sure your grid panels are 24" or 2' wide, so they can fit the base safely and perfectly.

The triangle base comes with 3 high-quality casters, that allow you to effortlessly move the grid display wherever you wish.

If you are wondering how to assemble the grid panels to the base with wheels, check the following recommended steps:

  1. First you will need three 2'(24") wide grid panels (any height)
  2. Then slip the grid panels into the base
  3. After that, connect the three panels with 9 connectors by placing the connector between the grids
  4. Congrats, you have a portable panel ready to use

Gridwall Gondola Base With Levelers

A gondola base is great to create 4-sided displays. 

With this base, you will need four 24" wide grid panels to create an all-purpose merchandiser display. Thanks to its shape, you will be able to showcase products on 4 different sides.

This base is a must for retail stores, trade shows, and even warehouses. Since this base is 48" L x 24" W, this base is ideal for wider spaces, where the customers can wander around the gondola to watch all the products.

If you are wondering how to assemble the grid panels to the gondola base, check the following recommended steps: 

  1. First, you will need four 2'(24") wide grid panels (any height) 
  2. Then slip the grid panels into the base 
  3. After that, connect the four panels with 9 connectors by placing the connector between the grids 
  4. Congrats, you have a portable panel ready to use

Gridwall Joining Clips Connectors

The most affordable accessory for standing displays.

These joiner clips or connectors are useful for joining grid panels together in straight or angled positions to make freestanding displays. 

We recommend using three clips to join 6 ft, 7 ft, or 8 ft height panels together, and using two clips to join 4 ft or 5ft height panels. 

Clip connectors are the most cost-effective connector available to create standing displays. These panels are commonly used in craft shows, school fairs, and art displays.

Keep in mind that you will need a screwdriver to safely attach the connectors to the gridwall or slat grid panels before standing the display.

Now that you have seen a bit more about these bases, which one are you choosing for your displays?

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