Bullnose Shelves

With the correct bracket, our Bullnose Shelves may be used to build a shelf on any wall system. Bullnose refers to how the front of the bracket is curved inward, disguising it and providing a smooth edge. Because they are water-resistant, plastic, and light weight, these Bullnose shelves are excellent for any retail establishment.

Smooth Bullnose Shelves For Your Displays

Sturdy displays at all times

bullnose shelves come in 3 different colors, white, black, and almond

Bullnose  shelves are extremely versatile and they add a touch of style to your displays.


Their rounded edge feature gives them all the touch you need to make your displays look smooth and stylish. These shelves are the perfect addition to your home, your store, or your office.


These shelves are designed to be strong and durable but lightweight. The color is impregnated throughout so they can not chip.


And most important, these plastic shelfs are recycled and environmentally friendly. 

Versatile for every space

versatile displays with bullnose shelves, ideal to use with slatwall, gridwall, and slotted standard brackets

The versatility of these bullnose shelves is not only for the looks, they are also extremely versatile when it comes to choosing where you are going to install them.


The hanging wall shelf works for gridwall, slatwall, or slotted standard brackets. 


The only thing you need to pay attention to is that before ordering your glass shelf or your brackets, make sure their sizes match. You want them to fit perfectly for a glamorous display!


Since these shelves are rectangular, always take into consideration the most narrow part of the shelf to take the measurements.

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