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Slatwall Units

Turn a dull wall into a functional space

With slatwall panels, you can properly store your products and showcase them all simultaneously. Using a slatwall is ideal if you’re having a hard time with your inventory and finding the correct item when you need them. It is also an effective solution to improve your storage and display system as these could get out of hand, significantly when expanding your business.

Our slatwall panels are highly economical and reliable. They are sturdy enough for your merchandise and versatile for your home too. There are various slatwall ideas that you can try our products as well. The installation is all up to how you want your slatwall display to look!

Choose among our high-quality slatwall panels and optimize your walls to attract more customers. Check the variety of forms and styles we must fit your retail perfectly!

Free up cluttered floor space with slatwall panels.

Slatwall panels are flexible, wall-hung storage solution. Slatwall panels are made up of horizontal slots that can be used to hang a wide range of slatwall accessories, from shelves and clothing display to sign holders and Slatwall hooks.

They are a versatile wall display system that can be used in various settings, as garage wall panel organizers are great for keeping everything from garden equipment to toys to bicycles off your floor. As your need grows, additional panels can be added as they are easy to install and can be adapted to create custom displays that meet the specific needs of any business.

How to install a Slatwall Wall?

Slatwall Installation is relatively simple and can be done by following these steps:

  • Begin by measuring the area where you would like to install the Slatwall panel.
  • Cut the Slatwall panel to size using a power saw.
  • Predrill holes along the top and bottom edges of the Slatwall panel.
  • Secure the Slatwall panel to the wall using screws or nails.
  • Hang Slatwall accessories on the panel using hooks, pegs, or baskets.

That’s it! Your Slatwall panel is now installed and ready to use. Enjoy!

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