Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic cubes and boxes are ideal to protect your collectibles and your kids' toys and action figures
. You can use a large acrylic box for makeup storage, or choose one of our small acrylic candy boxes. Even pick a tall shape and use it as a acrylic box for flowers display.

  • Proacrylics Acrylic Cube and Box 1/8 Thick Proacrylics Acrylic Box 1/8" Thick

    Acrylic Box 1/8" Thick

    The Ideal Multipurpose Acrylic Cubes Introducing our sleek and lightweight 1/8" Acrylic Box! This transparent display wonder is perfect for showcasing your cherished items in a modern and captivating way. With its clear design, it allows your treasures...
    $7.48 - $29.43
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  • Proacrylics Acrylic Cube and Box 3/16 Thick Proacrylics Acrylic Cube and Box 3/16 Thick

    Acrylic Box 3/16" Thick

    Upgrade your Display with Acrylic Cubes! These cubes are a terrific way to boost the usability of your space while maintaining a clean and modern appearance. You can clearly see the things on display because of the transparent design. These are also...
    $8.48 - $158.60
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  • Proacrylics Tall Acrylic Box 1/8 Thick For Display Proacrylics Tall Acrylic Box 1/8" Thick

    Tall Acrylic Box 1/8" Thick

    The Perfect Tall Box for Storage and Display Clear acrylic boxes are ideal for storing and organizing tall accessories, décor, and desk supplies. They also work great as acrylic display boxes that can be used as a pedestal stand to display...
    $22.44 - $55.36
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  • Proacrylics Tall Acrylic Box 3/16" Thick Proacrylics Tall Acrylic Box 3/16" Thick

    Tall Acrylic Box 3/16" Thick

    Acrylic Tall Box for Storage and Display For storing and arranging tall accessories, decor, and desk supplies, clear acrylic boxes work best. As pedestal stands for the display of antiquities and mementos, antiques, awards, and other items, they also...
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  • Proacrylics Large Acrylic Box 1/8" Thick Proacrylics Large Acrylic Box 1/8 Thick For Storage

    Large Acrylic Box 1/8" Thick

    The Perfect Multipurpose Large Box Our clear acrylic boxes are perfect to display and protect from dust jewelry, collectibles, memorabilia, and more. These clear acrylic boxes are made from high-quality materials and feature a stylish design that will...
    $22.44 - $55.36
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  • Proacrylics Large Acrylic Box 3/16" Thick

    Large Acrylic Box 3/16" Thick

    The Perfect Rectangular Box Our transparent acrylic boxes are ideal for displaying and shielding jewelry, collectibles, memorabilia, and more from dust. These attractive, high-quality clear acrylic boxes have a style that will look fantastic in any...
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  • Proacrylics Ballot Box With Lock Proacrylics Ballot Box With Lock

    Ballot Box With Lock

    The perfect item to collect donations and suggestions! Introducing our Acrylic Ballot Box with Lock! This crystal-clear box is perfect for people to put their votes, donations, or suggestions. The box is made of strong see-through material, so you can...
    $22.94 - $55.36
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  • Proacrylics Ballot Box w/ Lock And Sign Holder

    Ballot Box w/ Lock And Sign Holder

    Quality Acrylic Ballot Boxes Looking for a sleek, modern way to collect ballots, suggestions or donations? Look no further than our acrylic ballot box with a sign holder! This clear cube box is perfect for any event or office use, and comes with a lock...
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acrylic boxes displaying several items such as collectibles, perfumes, pencils, and a ballot box containing money

Welcome to our collection of acrylic cubes and boxes!

These acrylic display cases are perfect for showing off your most treasured items. 

When it comes to acrylic boxes you can pick between two thickness options: 1/8" and 3/16". When choosing, think about what you want to display and how sturdy you need it to be. The 1/8" thickness is sleek and light, perfect for delicate things like jewelry and small figurines. It looks super cool and modern, making your display stand out!


On the other hand, the 3/16" thickness is stronger and more stable, making it great for slightly heavier items or if you want a sturdy feel. It's perfect for busy places where you want to keep your stuff safe. No matter which one you choose, our Acrylic Boxes and Cubes are made with precision, offering a clear and eye-catching way to showcase your cherished stuff and adding a touch of elegance to any display.

Now, let's check out some awesome ways you can use these amazing acrylic cubes:

1. Collectibles Display: Show off cool action figures or small figurines in the acrylic cubes.  Their clear design will make your collectibles stand out and look even more impressive. 

2. Jewelry Showcase: Display your favorite jewelry pieces, like necklaces and earrings.

3. Crystal Clear Terrarium: Create a mini terrarium with small plants or air plants inside the cube.

4. Memorable Mementos: Keep special mementos, souvenirs, or sentimental items safe and visible.

5. Artistic Showcase: Exhibit your unique art pieces, sculptures, or mini art installations.

6. Luxury Fragrance Display: Showcase your luxurious perfume bottle collection.

7. Small Product Samples: If you run a business, use them to offer product samples in a cool display.

8. Valuable Gemstones: Display your dazzling gemstone collection, letting them shine through.

9. Miniature Display for Hobbies: Show your hobby creations, like model cars, airplanes  or miniature landscapes.

10. Modern Party Centerpiece: Wow your guests by using them as modern centerpieces for parties. Fill them with flowers, candles, or decorative items to impress your guests. 

The possibilities are endless with our Acrylic Cubes! Their clear and precise design will make your stuff look incredible and catch everyone's eye. Pick the perfect thickness and get ready to showcase your treasures in a stylish and modern way! 

Remember, we also offer a variety of other acrylic products, including large acrylic boxes, small cubes, and acrylic boxes with locks. With our wide selection, you can find the perfect acrylic solution for all your display and organizational needs. Let's make your space look awesome together!


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