Portable Mannequin For Small Spaces

Portable Mannequin For Small Spaces

Posted by The Competitive Store on Jan 09, 2023

We have all seen a full-body mannequin displaying the latest trends on store shop windows, but these mannequins can (and will) take up a lot of space in your store. Not to mention they are a little hard to move around whenever you need to do so.

If you are looking for something a little more petite, you must get to know the wonders of mannequin torsos. 

  1. What are mannequin torsos?
  2. How to display a mannequin torso?
  3. Are mannequins easy to transport?
  4. Are mannequin torsos outdoor-approved?

What are mannequin torsos?

As you may have guessed by the name, a mannequin torso resembles a "human-like" shape from the upper neck to the waist and *hips. (*Only for toddler and child mannequins.)

You can display any clothing or accessories that suit the upper body, including and definitely not limited to:

  • T-shirts
  • Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Scarves
  • Necklaces and more

Unlike full-body mannequins that can only stand, these torsos can stand on a base and also be hung. Making them very versatile if you have a small space to display your items.

How to display a mannequin torso?


A great thing about them?

You can choose to stand them or hang them.


Mannequin torsos stands are perfect to be set on top of a counter or table, so you can display looks even on top of your checkout table for a little bit of last-minute purchase temptation, leaving your floors absolutely free.

All standing forms also bring a hook, so you can hang the mannequin whenever you are done with standing displays, or if you just want to optimize your space a bit more.

The hook allows you to use the mannequin with waterfalls, faceouts, hangrails, and even a simple hanging rope.

Are they really easy to transport?

Absolutely, all mannequin torsos are portable. They are sturdy, there is no denying that, but they are also very lightweight.

So you can easily and effortlessly transport them as often as you want, making them a perfect fit for small stores and craft show events.

These forms will fit your car's back seat with no effort, making them a great solution for sellers that visit a lot of craft shows and events.

Another amazing feature is that they are stackable. Since their back is hollow, you can stack them and store them easily whenever you are not using them, helping you save tons of space in storage and transportation.

Are these mannequins outdoor-approved?


 You can absolutely use them in outdoor events and craft shows. The best ones to do so, are the standing ones.

 Hanging mannequins can be a little tricky since you might need to look somewhere to hang them and if it's a little windy, your displays might move constantly, and that's not great.

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