Slatwall faceouts can be used in retail stores, warehouses, and at home. They can be used to display a wide range of merchandise like clothes on hangers, purses, and clothing accessories. These handy arms provide maximum support, keeping your slatwall display neat and tidy.

The Ideal Slatwall Faceout Displays Are Here

For Slatwall Panels

slat faceouts work with slatwall panel portable units

If you are using slatwall panels in your store or warehouse, then these holders are the perfect accessory for you!


The faceouts are made out of high-quality metal and come in different colors, so you can choose the best option to style your displays!


Our sturdy faceouts work with all slatwall panels and they are very easy to set and start using.


And since slat walls are extremely versatile, you can create your own personalized apparel displays!

Versatile Apparel Displays

straight and waterfall faceouts are great to display apparel in boutiques and fairs

Displaying clothing was never so versatile!


Whether you are looking for a one-clothing display that causes impact and choose a straight faceout,  or you want to display several tees or pants and go for the waterfall hooks, we've got you covered!


Thanks to its versatility, you can use them to display everything from clothing to bags, and from jewelry to scarves.


With these slatwall faceouts, all your apparel and accessories will be perfectly displayed to attract customers and boost your sales.

2 Styles of Displays

straight faceouts are the best option to display several clothes of the same style

Waterfall or straight faceouts?


How to choose the right faceout for your store is as easy as cake! Let's figure it out together.


If you are looking for an extra tidy and organized way to display a few tees, and you really need it to be space between them because each of their designs is just amazing and needs to be seen and appreciated, then you definitely want to choose a waterfall faceout.


But if you need to display several shirts of the same style, and you are more focused on optimizing space during your displays, you'll probably want to choose a straight faceout.


Straight faceouts are also perfect for creating an exclusive display, so if you have the new arrival of a hoodie in your store, that hoodie needs the straight faceout to shine!

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