Cowboy Hat Racks - How To Display Your Western Hats?

Cowboy Hat Racks - How To Display Your Western Hats?

Posted by The Competitive Store on Feb 06, 2023

A cowboy hat or western hat is a very valuable possession to any cowboy or cowgirl. And whether you own a western hat store or you have a great collection of hats at home, you must know by now that cowboy hats are not meant to be stacked, but to be arranged and displayed in the most practical and highlighting way to appreciate all of their parts. 

We are here to present you with two great display solutions for your cowboy hat displays.

How To Display Your Western Hats?

Displaying cowboy hats on a slatwall panel

Owning a slatwall panel gives you plenty of display opportunities

But we want to share the possibility of displaying western hats today. Whether you have a slat panel installed in your store or one at home, you can use it to safely and neatly display all of your cowboy hats.

You can also choose to display your hats in slatwall units, they make the best cowboy hat display stands.

We have different packs of slatwall cowboy hat display holders so you can choose the one that fulfills your needs.

Displaying cowboy hats on a gridwall panel

Gridwall panels are ideal for cowboy hat storing and displaying

Gridwall panels make great cowboy hat racks for walls. They are great space savers and they will highlight and keep the spotlight on your hats.

You should always make sure to select a grid panel that has the right space to showcase all your western hats, take into consideration that we usually recommend leaving 5 to 6 squares between each hat holder in every direction.

We have different packs of gridwall cowboy hat racks so you can choose the one that fulfills your needs.

What are the 3 TOP benefits of choosing metal cowboy hat holders?

  • Metal hat holders help maintain the shape of the hat to avoid any damage to its construction
  • They provide a slight slant so very important parts of the cowboy hat, such as the crease, dent, and ribbon can be perfectly seen from upfront
  • By using a chrome hat holder, the color of your hats will remain intact, this doesn't happen when you choose to use colored hat holders when the color can be easily transferred to the hat

Why is it a good idea to use a hat holder?

  • Avoid placing your cowboy hat down, even if you do it for a few minutes while organizing your panel, this will cause pressure on the crown and it might cause your hat to lose its original shape
  • Another very important thing to avoid is stacking your cowboy hats, this will most likely enlarge the hats and even make the brim lose its shape
  • Having your hats stacked, makes them very easy to collect dust. By having them displayed, you will be able to clean them easily and prevent any dirt damage

Some extra tips to manage your cowboy hats

  • You can keep your hats clean by brushing them gently with a clean soft brush
  • Be careful with extreme temperatures and humidity, these can damage the shape of the hats
  • If the hats got exposed to wet, avoid using any heating source to dry them since you can damage the shape of the hats

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